Wild Game Australia distributes quality brands of hunting products to retail stores. 


havalon talon canvas roll

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truglo tru-point laser/light combo (green)


case mini blackhorn knife

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Most companies build their equipment around pockets – a place for this, a place for that. At Badlands, we build around physics, proper ergonomics and acute knowledge of bio-mechanics. This approach leads to one thing – ultimate performance.

For 129 years, Case have been proud to know their knives have earned a place in the pockets of the farmers, fishermen, hunters, ropers and even bankers. Maybe it’s because they’re made with the finest materials. Or maybe it’s because they hold up long enough for an old man to pass his trusty Stockman down to his granddaughter. 

Improve your aim and accuracy ! Flip-Target’s working principle is quite simple. With every hit, the target rotates around its central axis and rolls over. A new impact zone will stand up, ready to be shot. For experienced shooters as well as novices just looking for a little fun, flip-target provides ongoing

The Havalon replaceable blade knife effortlessly outperforms any knife in field dressing and skinning. Through quality and innovation, Havalon has cut its way into the hunting knife world with surgical precision to become the iconic brand in replaceable blade knives.

All Tenzing hunting packs are constructed with advanced strength panels reinforced with Dyneema. Acknowledged as the world’s strongest fibre, Dyneema is fifteen times stronger than steel, yet is light enough to float on water.

For hunters. By hunters. That’s the kind of high-performance gear we strive to create year in and year out. Gear that not only looks good, but helps real hunters succeed under real conditions. Because when your heart is pounding and time itself seems to bend with every breath, you simply can’t afford to fail. After all, these are the big leagues, and there are no “do-overs”.

Wild Game Australia distributes quality brands of hunting, shooting and archery products to retail stores in the hunting, fishing and outdoor industries. Drop into your local store and check out the range.