Silver Stag Stag Twist – Damascus – Antler

The Silver Stag DAMASCUS Series steel is manufactured by forge welding multiple layers of high carbon steel into a solid block called a billet (SILVER STAG contains 1095 and 15N20 high carbon tool steels). The billet is folded and re-welded several times to produce layers, (SILVER STAG Damascus = 150 to 250 layers). Patterns are created by manipulating the steel during the forge welding process. The blades are hand profiled from the layered steel billet block. The combination of layered hard and soft steels creates blade flexibility, toughness and produces invisible serrations on the edge that aid cutting. SILVER STAG Damascus blades are extremely functional and durable. The nickel in the 15N20 steel improves corrosion protection, but the blades can and will rust if they are not properly maintained and oiled. An up-graded, hand-laced leather sheath is included with each Damascus series knife.

The Stag Twist is the perfect knife design. An excellent caping and game processing knife. It is in high demand and often sells out quickly.

Blade Length: 7 cm/2.75 inches
Overall Length: 17 cm/6.75 inches
Blade Steel: Twist Pattern Damascus
Sheath: Leather
Handle Style: Full Tang Slab
Handle Material: Moose or Elk Antler

All Silver Stag Knives are designed, engineered and built by the Silver Stag team in the USA. What separates Silver Stag from the competition is the company’s “hands-on” efficient and proprietary production process. In addition, the attractive raw shed antler and natural exotic hardwoods hand-built into every extremely functional and durable design make every knife a unique piece. Silver Stag Knives are not mass-produced or 100% custom. In industry terms, SILVER STAG would be considered semi-custom, because we use automated CNC machines to profile our blade designs and remove the mill scale for the raw plate steel. SILVER STAG knives replicate the quality you would find in a high-end custom knife.


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