TZ 3000

Big and nimble. These are two qualities rarely found together. But the new TZ 3000 is extraordinarily mobile, given its size and hauling capacity. Designed to fill the void between limited-use day packs and extended-use big-game packs, this impressive hybrid provides ample storage for a day trip of an overnight spike-out.

With 3,100 cubic inches of total storage and weighing in at a mere 6.8 pounds, the TX 3000 will not limit your opportunities. It comes equipped with 9 specialised pockets, is loaded with high-end amenities and can carry a full elk quarter in its main compartment. Like a snake unhinging its jaw, this pack has the ability to open up away from the frame to take in a much larger load. The zipper remains open as specialty compression straps extend to hold in the haul.


  • Two internal fluted aluminium frame stays
  • Padded lumbar pad and waist belt
  • Channeled, air-cooled back pad
  • Fold out bow and gun carrying boot
  • Fold out rain cover
  • H2O compatible (2 or 3-litre)
  • Available in RealTree Max 1


  • Main compartment 60cm x 28cm x 23cm
  • Top compartment 25cm x 25cm x 5cm
  • Face compartment 35cm x 25cm x 5cm
  • Hip compartment x 2 13cm x 23cm x 5cm
  • Mesh compartment x 2 15cm x 19cm x 5cm
  • Internal Side pockets 48cm x 15cm x 13cm
  • All measurements are approx.


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